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Experience and know how


SOECO WET srl was founded in 2016 from the encounter between two solid realities: one with an experience of over 40 years in the design and construction of civil and industrial plant, the other with a highly specialized know-how in the field of water purification that over the last 10 years he has developed and consolidated a certified leading technology, already used in Italy and tested with amazing results even in the 24 countries of central Africa. The result is a simple but unique for process and characteristics.

SOECO WET deals with the design, construction and installation of sterilization systems, water treatment and purification of water.
Protected by international patent and based on the electrolysis process, our innovative in situ biocidal generation plant has been successfully applied in the disinfection of network waters and industrial and for the removal of pollutants from industrial and municipal wastewater.

Sustainability is the keyword of our project. Reduce costs and consumption for a company today to the environment and with an eye to the future is a choice. For us indispensable.
This is why our solutions are economically and environmentally sustainable, alternatives to chemicals and can generate benefits for businesses. Curiosity and commitment to research also are part of the DNA SOECO WET and we are constantly pushing to develop our products to expand a wider range of applications.

The system

Electrical / Electronics

The plant SOECO WET is constituted by an electrolysis cell where the two electrodes are accommodated, a cathode and an anode, separated by a diaphragmatic membrane.

Water system

The system collects the water from the mains that is combined with the salt, the salt solution passes through the reactor generating two products which via a pump are recirculated back into the network.


The plant SOECO WET uses the ECA technology (electrochemical activation) or electrolysis discovered by Michael Faraday who developed the laws in 1834.



An-Eco and Cat-Eco are not concentrated chemical substances, but activated solutions. It is poorly mineralized liquids in a metastable state that experience an increased chemical activity. The synthesis of electro- chemically activated solutions is only possible when the unipolar electrochemical exposure is combined with treatment of as many as possible micro volumes of liquids in the field of high voltage of an electric double layer near the surface of the electrode.

Test microbiological and toxicological have shown that the technology used by SOECO WET is completely harmless to time beings and at the same time lethal to bacteria. Ours is a convenient solution from an environmental point of view because in the waters treated with An-Eco there's no released unwanted substances, harmful to health and the environment, as a chlorite, chlorine and trihalomethanes.

  • An-Eco is the result of electrolysis of water and sea salt, the disintegration and recombination of active components does not leave chemical residues.

  • An.-Eco allows to destroy bacteria, spores, molds, yeasts, fungi, biofilm (fouling) and remove odors.

  • The neutral pH of An-Eco makes a substance non aggressive on the skin and eliminates irritation.

  • An-Eco is completely odorless and tasteless compared to other products used for the disinfection of water.

Products in the mirror


An-Eco is unique and clearly superior to sodium hypochlorite in the destruction of spores, bacteria, viruses and other pathogen organisms on an equal residual base. Chlorine, in a concentration of 5%, is only effective in disinfection but not in the sterilization and is efficient against cysts (Guardia, Cryptosporidium). Unlike other sistemidi disinfection An-Eco is able to destroy and remove the bioflm (biological fouling) which lurk and breed in most pathogenic microorganism. High levels of oxidation potential (ORP-Redox) ensure the total elimination of E-Coli, Salmonella and other pathogens.


The majority of pathogens, in particular those born in water, develope more resistance to sodium hypochlorite over time. The application of An-Eco, as water disinfectant on a daily basis for more than ten years, has shown that microorganisms do not develop resistance to the An-Eco in this time. For An-Eco is particularly effective against strains of Legionella that is able to develop resistance and thus render ineffective the other disinfection systems.


The increased strength of An-Eco makes it safer for the end user and for those involved in the maintenance of the plants. The sodium hypochlorite fact loses its disinfectant capacity during long-term storage and poses the potential danger of releases of gaseous chlorine during storage. An-Eco does not form any toxic by-product as with chlorine and produces no acute or chronic toxicity when diluted in water. Storage and handling are safe and easy unlike chlorine which requires transportation and storage of chemicals. An-Eco also is minimally corrosive due to the elimination of the element normally present in the caustic sodium hypochlorite and calcium.



Time and money are precious resources for large companies and SMEs, but also for smaller private ones. Thanks to low costs for installation and maintenance, systems SOECO WET are an ideal investment ensuring an immediate return and an increasing savings over time.


Our systems have low costs of installation, they do not need intensive maintenance, they have a low consumption of salt and energy than conventional systems to generate an effective disinfectant. The use of our systems guarantees outstanding inventory control of our products.


Our systems are easy to install in most applications and it is not required to interrupt the normal activities during treatment. They can be managed and controlled by a remote wide variety of options (increased flow, the salt storage and of the saline solution) so as to generate the solution where and when necessary.


Electrolytic cells of our systems have long life. The reactor is covered by a warranty of five years although many cases analyzed a proper operation has been verified for a period of considerably longer. The long duration is guaranteed also from self-cleaning properties of the system that ensure maximum effectiveness.


The features and versatility of our products, ease of installation, design and size that make them easily transportable to ensure Soeco Wet systems a wide range of use. Already today between 40 companies, pharmaceutical companies, clinics, hospitals, hotels and swimming pools have used with great satisfaction our facilities.


Water, air cleaners

- Drinking and Waste Water Treatment - Flocculation of heavy metals - Stimulation of bacterial activity in biological systems - Final Disinfection influent - Elimination of odors and clarification


hospitals, clinics

- Cold sterilization of instruments - Cleaning of surfaces - Prevention of hospital infections - Disinfection of linens - Air disinfection and operating rooms - Elimination and prevention of Legionella


food, dairy, pharmaceutical, heavy

- Complete removal of biofilm - Process Water Sterilization - Sterilization input products - Cleaning and disinfection of environments and machinery - Elimination of bacteria and elimination of deposits in cooling systems, cooling and humidification - Increased heat exchange with energy saving - Prevention of corrosion


farms, crops

- Crop yield increase - Product Disinfection - Increased shelf life of vegetables, fruits and flowers - Purification of irrigation water - Reduced use of pesticides - Disinfection seed and growth stimulation - Reduce mortality of animals - Increase of vitality, strength and fertility of animals - Treatment without consequence of mastitis, diarrhea, infections - Reduces the use of antibiotics


hotel, farm house

- Improves the safety of customers / bathers - Replaces and eliminates chemicals - Delete totally irritation of eyes and skin - No chlorine smell - Elimination of bacteria, fungi, algae and biofilm


swimming polls, parks

- Improves the safety of customers / bathers - Replaces and eliminates chemicals - Delete totally irritation of eyes and skin - No chlorine smell - Elimination of bacteria, fungi, algae and biofilm


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